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The interesting corner

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What dis?

This website is a collection of all kinds of stuff that I find interesting, logs of stuff I do, and much more. I will keep expanding this website as I see fit and this will probably serve as my legacy? Idk, I just like adding stuff to it and I learn a lot from working on it. I kind of see this as my own personal wiki, and I view it as a sort of art project.

I was inspired by a video from Nick Robinson where he tried to find the mystery behind Michealsoft Binbows, and he stumbled across a blog-like site like this one from some guy from China called Alf's Room. The looks of this website are inspired by the net from the 90s and 2000s where everything was new. This website is probably the biggest inspiration for the Interesting Corner. Another big inspiration is the Null webring. The Library was partially inspired by the archive website The Eye. Also, I got inspiration from the SCP Foundation, the Wanderers Library and The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group.

How dis?

The server is running on my parent's old asus pc that they gave to me, running Ubuntu 20.04 Server Edition. It had a missing system fan, and the system fan header on the motherboard wasn't working, so I took the CPU fan from another motherboard and soldered the data pins to the working CPU fan. The other hardware that I use for this server is built into a custom server rack, the process of which I described in this post. The font that this website uses is called Iosevka.