Recently I got a secondhand JVC TD-X102 cassette deck and have been getting into cassettes. I has 2 heads, Dolby B noise reduction, an analog tape counter and a soft-touch operating mechanism. Some of my cassettes are:

Most are from my father in law. He was a DJ in the 70s / 80s when cassettes were at their peak, and he gave me 4 boxes of cassettes to look through and find what I want to keep. Some are also official audio cassettes that I bought / were gifted to me.

This is a Type 4 MX 90 cassette from Japan I found, with on one side some funk songs, and on the other side only 1 song and the rest is empty. I will record some songs to this but I don't know yet what.

metal cassette

This is a new TDK SA 90 cassette I bought for recording. It's from 2015 or something.

tdk sa90

I also found an old TDK SA 90 cassette from 1980 (I think?). Compared to the one from 2015 one can see the difference.

tdk sa 90 old vs new

I found two cassettes, Blues Ballads 1 and 2, which hold pretty good blues music.

blues ballads 1

and blues ballads 2:

blues ballads 2

The cassettes were originally in the box without a case, so I got a case and made J cards for them.

This is an official cassette that holds some rock songs


This is an official cassette that holds the album "Three dollar bill y'all" from Limp Bizkit

limp bizkit

It's from Russia as it was quite hard to get in my own country, and I didn't want to have to ship it from America.

This is a cassette that holds the album No Pressure by Logic. Although it is recorded on normal tape, it sounds really good.

logic no pressure

This cassette holds some Rolling Stones songs and the album Tattoo You.

rolling stones tattoo you

This cassette holds some songs from the 80s and I also recorded some Lo-Fi songs onto it. This is the first cassette that I recorded songs to with the JVC TD-X102.

lofi + decent stuff

This cassette holds some songs from Micheal Jackson.

micheal jackson

This cassette I found lying on the side of the street. It interested me because I never had cassettes before. This was also some 3 years before getting my cassette deck. I always kept it because I liked it and now I can finally listen to it. It holds some recorded songs from the 80s and 90s.

aj 53

This is a recorded cassette that has songs from Dire Straits on one side and from Miami Vice on the other.

dire straits miami vice

This cassette holds some random recorded songs, pretty good.

random stuff

This cassette holds recorded songs from 12 inch LPs and some mixes.

12 inches mixes

This cassette is one of the cheap knock offs you could get at carnivals in the 70s when music copyright wasn't really a thing. It holds covers of songs but claims to have the original songs.

hit parade

This is the Swing Medley cassette that came from a thrift shop and holds Swing songs from the 70s.

swing medley