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The interesting corner

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Running late on the train

The train came to a slow halt. He was waiting anxiously at the doors, and couldn't wait for them to open. He kept pressing the yellow iron button to the left of the door, that had a symbol of two doors opening above it. He heard the hissing sound of the hydraulic pistons, as the doors slowly opened outwards, revealing the train station. "Shit, I'm all the way at the back!" He thought, noticing that the train hadn't gone to the end of the platform.

He bolted out of the passage, jumping over the gap between the train and the platform, skipping the two little iron steps meant for crossing it. He almost slipped when landing on the ground as he wobbled to catch his balance, but he quickly regained his footing. He began sprinting towards the exit of the platform, a few hundred meters ahead of him. The train was as busy as usual, which was unconvenient at a time like this, to say the least. There were groups of people leaving the train, some carried bags, some suitcases. On top of that, there were also quite a few people waiting to get on the train, blocking his way to the exit.

"I gotta get past these people!" he thought as he ran faster. He dodged some girl with pink hair looking at her phone while she stepped out of the train. He jumped over an old lady's rolling suitcase, side-stepped two young men in track suits and barely dodged the "no smoking" sign that hung a little too low for comfort. He got his train pass out of his pocket early so he could hold it up to the scanning terminal faster. "Shit, they're swarming the terminals!", he thought as more and more people converged on the terminals, all wanting to check out.

"I'll never be on time if I have to wait on all these idiots.". He held his train pass between his index and middle finger, the same way he used to hold a shuriken when he was younger. Then, after dodging another girl looking at her phone, he swung his arm forward, swinging the train pass towards the terminal. It flew across the platform, whizzing past the passengers. It's trajectory had a slight curve to the right, until it finally hit the terminal. It bounced off the display, up into the air. It moved up past the scanner, stopped moving mid-air, and started to fall down again. BEEP-BEEP. "Yes! I hit it!". The train pass had been in front of the scanner for long enough to be recognized by it, receive a signal from it, and return a confirmation signal.

He was nearing the exit, and the train pass was falling to the ground quickly. As he got closer to the terminal, he bent one knee and stretched out the other while leaping down onto the ground. He made a short slide, just in time to catch his train pass. He had enough momentum to be able to put his stretched foot on the ground in front of him and jump back up, all in a matter of a second. "Phew, that parkour training really paid off, huh?" he thought to himself as he started picking up his pace again. He had now reached the exit of the platform and was headed towards the stairs leading downward onto the street. "Come on! almost there!".

He jumped at the top of the stairs, skipping all 14 of them. He made a rough landing on the pavement at the bottom, but managed to dampen the fall by making a smooth roll, allowing him to immediately get back on his feet without losing much momentum. He again started sprinting towards his goal. As the shadow of the roof of the tunnel he was running through made way for the sunlight, he could see the time on the clock on the wall: 11:59:32. "Okay, about 30 seconds left, I can do this!" he said to himself, sprinting even faster.

As he ran out into the sunlight, he began to see the thing he was hurrying towards: the portal. It was a big spinning disc, off-white in color and about the size of a door. He saw it form as his train was approaching the station. From his experience, a portal of this color takes about 2 minutes to fully form, opening it up for passage from the other side. "If I'm fast enough, maybe I can clense it before it opens up", he thought when he saw it forming. Now, he had less than twenty seconds left before he would have to fight 'them' again, and he really did not want to fight 'them'.

He was getting closer and closer to the portal. He could feel his heart pounding in his throat. All he could hear was the wind rushing past his ears and his own heavy breathing. As he had almost reached the portal, he put his hands together to make the closing symbol. The black fire starting to appear at his fingertips. When he had about 10 meter left to go, the spell was charged. He jumped towards the portal, pushing his hands first. He felt his fingers touch the front of it. "NOW!". He released the spell with a powerful punch, straight into the portal. There was a loud bang, followed by a low-pitched screech that slowly faded away. The portal increased in size, but shortly after that, it quickly vanished, leaving a thin trail of black smoke.