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Testing a Nikon Coolpix S225 Camera

I recently found my old Nikon Coolpix S225 Camera, and took it with me on a trip to my girlfriend to test it out and check what kinds of modes it has and what kind of pictures it can take. These are the result of that trip.

I found that out of all the different scene modes, the Landscape mode works best for taking good quality pictures while outside. The low-light performance was a bit lacking, and the night mode improved this a bit, but not much. The macro mode did not really add a lot in my opinion, but the pictures taken with that mode did turn out pretty good. I also like the little date time you can add to the bottom of the picture.

All the pictures I took were in the highest quality (10M* on the camera), but for showing here I scaled all them down with the convert "testingnikon/*.JPG[500x]" -set filename:base "%[basename]" "testingnikon-converted/%[filename:base].JPG" command.

garden with dog
view from the bus
dog on the couch
bird in the trees
another view from the bus
another view from the bus
my oscilloscope with the 'night' mode on
road with 'landscape' mode on
night picture in the default mode
mirror from the bus
cat 2
can in the bus
dog in grass
mixer panel wih default mode
sun with 'light blocking' mode
oscilloscope with default mode
cat 3
big ol' beet
cat at woodhouse
dog under the table
cat 4
dog in the garden
dog laying in garden
plant with 'macro' mode
low light street in default mode
computer screen in default mode
sky in 'landscape' mode
bike in 'night' mode
dog laying in grass
flowers with 'macro' mode
sky in 'landscape' mode
dog in front of house
dog sitting in garden
cat 5
dog at night with 'night' mode
dog sleeping inside with default mode
low light with default mode
dog sitting in garden 2
plant in default mode (sideways oops)
bike at night in default mode
flowers in 'macro' mode
dog at night with default mode
keyboard with normal mode
doggo inside
dog standing outside
low light oscilloscope in default mode
bike at night in 'night' mode
dog laying in grass with eyes closed (very cute)
dog chompin' on his toy (also very cute)
plant in 'macro' mode
dog giving paw to gf (good boy)
oscilloscope at night with flash