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Setting up an LG LV5000 VCR

Recently I acquired an LG LV5000 VCR. I got it for 10 euros at a thrift shop. It plays tapes pretty well, but it has some problems with non Hi-Fi tapes, as it sometimes does not output audio from it. Here's two videos of the VHS player loading and unloading a tape:

I opened it up to look at some of the parts. First was this sticker:


When I scanned the QR code, it read vmaaax36474451911bk022197, which doesn't give any results on Google. I also found a transformer with the codes FLX-015G (datasheet? (here in the library)) and FLX-0924.


The motor that's used for the loading and unloading of the tape has the part numbers MDB2B and 90VB9917S on it. It's apparently a JVC MDB2B 12v Brushless DC Motor specifically for this VCR and the JVC DR-MV150B.


A video of the VCR playing the original Tarzan and Tekken: The Motion Picture can be seen below: