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The interesting corner

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Playing some Commodore 64

Listing disk contents
Frantic Freddy startup screen
Congo Bongo startup screen
Original Donkey Kong
Better look at contents of disk
Pacman style game
Frantic Freddie score screen
The setup
TV settings
Playing some Pit-Stop
Box with all the games and documents
Indiana Jones
Bumping Buggies
Bumping Buggies
Super Games
Super Games cartridge
Peek and poke address book + BASIC programs for basic computers
BASIC programs for the whole family + Commodore 64 games book 2
Frogger 2
Miami Vice

My father-in-law still has his Commodore 64 and Vic-20 from when he was younger, and he wanted to permenently setup the C64 in his media room. I helped him set it up and me, my gf and him played some of his games. He had a lot of "cracked" versions of big games like Donkey Kong and Frantic Freddie on 5,25" floppies. We had played some C64 previously but then he could only find the lower-tier games, now he found the box with all the (back then) AAA titles.

I made a video of the Burnin Rubber start cinematic:

And here's Flying Digger loading:

flying digger loading

While my father in law and me were playing some games, my gf made a list of all the flopppies and which games were on them. It's an Excel file:Download button but I also compiled it into a csv: Download button