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API mode

In XCTU: for API enable, search under Serial Interfacing -> AP
For transparent mode: Transparent mode [0]

In transparent mode the module only relays data to the receiving module with the address comprised of DH and DL (Destination Address High en Destination Adress Low)

In API mode communication with the radio is done through sending and receiving messages. This can be found in the S2C-pro user guide on page 46.

To set coordinator: in XCTU, go to Networking -> Coordinator Enable (CE)

To make a wireless lamp that activates when a sensor is triggered, both modules are in API mode

To select router or end point on a device in XCTU

Sleep modes -> SM Sleep Mode
For router: No Sleep (0)
For End point: something else than No Sleep

Set up values for coordinator and end point

This can be found in the Mesh Kit User Guide on page 25.

the cyclic sleep period (SP) needs to be the same for all nodes

API frame description

Can be found in the S2C-pro user guide on page 104. The transmission examples can be found on page 102.

MY = address of module

64-bit address of end point:

00 13 A2 00 41 8F 13 D5

Config of door and lamp

Door = coordinator
 Always awake checking if someone walked through the door
 if so, send a broadcast message to all end points that someone walked through

Lamp = end point
 sleep, but awake when received broadcast message from coordinator

Send a broadcast message from coordinator to all end points (including sleeping)

Can be found in the S2C-pro user guide on page 103.
Full message: 7E 0014 10 01 00000000 0000FFFF FFFE 00 00 54 78 44 61 74 61 AD

Bits Description
0x0014 length
0x10 API ID (TX data)
0x01 Frame ID (set to a non-zero value to enable the TX-status response)
0x00000000 0000FFFF Broadcast definition (including sleeping end devices)
0xFFFE Required 16-bit address to send broadcast transmission
0x00 Broadcast radius (0 = max hops)
0x00 Tx options. This is described in the S2C-pro user guide on page 101.
0x54 78 44 61 74 61 ASCII representation of “TxData” string
0xAD Checksum (0xFF - SUM (all bytes after length))