Programming topics Date
STM32 motor controller for robot arm project documentation (DUTCH) 09-02-2022
Useful Python scripts 20-02-2022
Brainfuck Interpreter in Java 21-03-2020
Visualising LDS-1 data from the Turtlebot3 with ROS 23-03-2022
PDF url converter for Android 25-03-2022
Generate HTML page with Python 05-04-2022
Combining Serial Communication pins 19-11-2022
Using Rust to store minecraft coordinates in a MySQL database to use in a datapack 07-12-2023
Programming WS2812B LEDs with an Arduino Nano 09-04-2023
C# .NET notes 23-04-2024
Programming library entries Date
Advent of code 2021 C solution 1 20-02-2022
UML system model for chocolate 3D printer 12-04-2022
Advent of Code 2022 Rust solutions10-01-2023
Programming links Date
The algorithms Github 18-02-2022
Programming books github 24-02-2022
Tsoding Daily YouTube channel 07-03-2022
Build a REST API with Node.js, Express, and MySQL11-05-2022
Write a simple Linux character device driver 29-11-2022
The Linux driver implementer’s API guide 30-11-2022