Ever since starting my homelab, I wanted to add a kvm to it so that don't always have to ssh into the server and also can access everything in the homelab easily. I also found the sliding mechanism that held up the tv at my parent's camper in our attic some time ago, and I thought that would come in handy some time or another. My idea was to make a frame, on which the sliding mechanism would sit. On top of that will be a platform that will hold the display, keyboard, usb switch etc. The display is also pretty special, it's an old Macbook 2007 display that I took from a broken Macbook that my gf gave me:

macbook display powered by controller

I bought a controller board off of AliExpress that I want to attach to the platform. I also bought a wireless USB mouse and keyboard and a 4 port USB switch to use for the kvm. I first started with the platform, which I sawed from a piece of wood and then stained black:

wood for platform platform sawed platform sawed and sanded Platform stained with black woodstain

After the platform was done, I started working on the frame. I used some mounting hardware that I had left over from a network switch:

mounting hardware from network switch

I built the frame from a piece of wood that I cut to length and painted black:

piece of wood pieces of wood cut to size pieces of wood painted black

After I painted them black, I predrilled holes in them to accomodate for the mounting hardware and attached the hardware to it. I drilled the holes off-center so that in the end the frame will sit flush with the front of the homelab.

drilled holes One side Other side

After that, I sawed two other pieces of wood and finished the frame:

half frame Finished frame

Then I got to work attaching the sliding mechanism to the frame. It luckily already had two holes to attach it, but I had to drill two extra holes to attach it to 4 points of the frame. Here you can see it folded in and extended:

folded in extended

Now it was only a matter of attaching the platform and attaching the display to it. There were 4 screws sticking out the top of the platform which I had to sand off. I made some standoffs to put the display on, so the hinge would have enough room to fully move.

mounting screws Display on platform

After that, the only thing that was left was to add it into the homelab!

kvm added kvm with usb switch and keyboard kvm closed

Here's a video of the kvm sliding out after I stickerbombed the display because it had some stains on it that I couldn't get off:

UPDATE 20-03-2023

I removed the Macbook display to put the BunsenLabs laptop on the KVM sliding tray. I didn't want to trash the display, so I mounted it to the side of my server rack. I first took the frame off the display:


Then, I screwed it to a piece of wood with black vineer on it, together with the electronics to drive the display:


Together with the laptop, mounted to the side of my homelab it looks like this:

display display

I made a script that shows the output of the MQTT messages in the network: