Audio equipment topics Date
Audio cassettes collection logs 30-10-2021
Repairing a Sony TCM-313 02-11-2021
Oscilloscope music 01-11-2021
Audio filters 25-05-2022
Analog audio filters electronic implementation 26-05-2022
Repairing a Yamaha a-s301 AV receiver 04-10-2022
Audio equipment links Date
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An introduction to filters 24-05-2022
Introduction to Op-Amps 26-05-2022
Op-Amp practical considerations 24-05-2022
Passive filter circuits 24-05-2022
How to understand a sound equalizer 24-05-2022
Distortion plugin effects 24-05-2022
More about distortion 24-05-2022
How to use LFOs 24-05-2022
Delay-based audio effects in Matlab and Simulink 24-05-2022
How to design a simple Low Pass RC Filter using Simulink in MATLAB? 24-05-2022
Butterworth filter 24-05-2022
The simplest lowpass DSP filter 25-05-2022